Rudney and Associates
Providing Investment Advice Since 1983

Our Philosophy

Rudney Associates commitment is to its clients and the quality of service we provide. As an independent firm, we have no affiliations with other financial institutions and receive no commissions from our clients’ investments. As a fee-only firm, we are able to provide unbiased and objective advice. In addition, we meet regularly with clients to review performance and respond to their changing needs. We specialize in developing an appropriate asset allocation specifically designed for each investor using a variety of investment alternatives. Most notably is our attention to no-load mutual funds as they provide exceptional diversification, professional portfolio management, and cost-efficiency. Our methodology for selecting investments is free from conflicts of interest. We accept no sales commissions or other third-party fees.

Our investment philosophy emphasizes the importance of compounding long term capital growth while protecting clients from the downside volatility during unfavorable markets. We actively manage the allocation of assets based on the risk return expectations for each class and stress diversification across all asset classes. Our investment management approach is also based on in-depth research, creative, prudent decision-making, and advanced investment models.

We understand that financial decisions involve more than just money. Your personal circumstances, preferences, and choices on how to spend your time and energy are just a few of the issues that should be considered. We can help you to clearly understand your choices and to focus on the important decisions that will affect your future. Using our structured process, your financial decisions can be less overwhelming and easier to manage.